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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM


About Next Sports Phenom Rankings

Next Sports Phenom does not claim to have seen every player in the DMV play, however, NSP has seen every player listed in it's rankings play.  

Every player listed on Next Sports Phenom has been viewed and evaluated.  Rankings can change randomly as players are constently being evaluated when they are viewed.  NSP views many live games but may also look at video footage to help with the process. 

Next Sports Phenom rankings are meant to be a comparative chart of players.  The intent of the rankings is not to promote one player as better or worse than another, but to scale each player by certain criteria that we feel translates into elite basketball players.  NSP looks at a variety of elements including but not limited to projected potential, game IQ, attitude, height for position, athletic ability, skill level, hustle, defense, passing and teamwork, shooting, aggressiveness, coachability, rebounding, vocal willingness, intangibles, conditioning, unselfishness, mobility, level of competition and work ethic.  NSP rankings are not based on popularity, parents opinions or AAU or club affiliation.  NSP does take into account the opinions of it's trusted contributers and a coaches listing order of players on their own team as they view the players in different scenarios and head to head and may be more in tune with specific attributes of their own players that may not have been seen in live play.

Rankings do not guarantee success and many times they are a poor reflection on the players talent level.  Player evaluations are far more accurate than rankings and in many cases a lower ranked player can have a better evaluation than a highly ranked player and turn out to be the more recruitable prospect.  All players listed in Next Sports Phenom's rankings have demonstrated some ability that shows that they should be able to play on the next level.  NSP will constantly promote these players to college coaches until committed.  NSP does not continue to evaluate players once they have committed to a college or university, however rankings will continue to adjust until that class graduates.