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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM

Player Profile Form

This form is optional for players that want to be included in Next Sports Phenom's database. Adding your information can be helpful for coaches that visit NSP in search of players, or media looking for player information for articles. This information will be shared ONLY with college coaches, NCAA certified media representatives, recruiting coordinators and the NCAA. Only fill out the sections that you are comfortable with sharing and add any information that you feel will be helpful in your recruiting.  Note: If you have not been previously viewed by Next Sports Phenom a video link of your play will be required in order to add you to our database and/or rankings. 
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IMPORTANT:  Unless you were previously viewed by Next Sports Phenom it is possible that your profile will not be added without video.   A video link highly recommended for evaluation and ranking consideration