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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM



July is here again and it is the time many will see as a make or break month for their basketball futures.

July is here again and it is the time many will see as a make or break month for their basketball futures.  DMV players and teams take the stage for college coaches from all over the country as they look to prove that they can play for them on the next level.  

Not all players are seeking scholarship offers, there are some players that are already highly recruited and others that have already chosen their college homes, are looking to raise their rankings, seeking future All-American accolades or just sharpening up their games for college.  

The heat is part of July and the ice business's make a huge profit during the month, however, not necessarily because of the weather, it could be contributed to the extremely high number of sprains, strains and tears during the month.  It is usually an ankle, but it's far too often a knee of other ligament iced up.  Many play through injuries as they don't want to sit out their last opportunity to impress a coach.  As usual we can expect a mad rush of commits after July as offers fly, and players max out on their stock.  

There is also a dark side of July, players picking the wrong teams sitting on the bench as college coaches watch, players trying to do a little too much and lose out on previous offers, players playing totally out of position and teams playing in tournaments that coaches aren't attending.  When I'm asked what advice can I give a player entering July, my response is "whatever it is that you do well, do that and do it a lot".  My other piece of advice is "whatever you don't do well, don't do it at all".  To elaborate, many players want to show off their versatility or the expansion of their games when coaches are present and look bad.  Players roll the dice at jacking three pointers when their strength is their inside game, I say decide what you are good at doing and showcase that.  

Seeing who will emerge and who is still standing in the end is what July is about and with so many players still available and many looking for that first offer, this July promises to be a special one. 

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