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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM










There were a lot of good things that happened this summer and others not so good.  A short recap of what went well and what didn't.  The "losers" aren't specific to any one player, team or event but a general overview of the summer season.



1) Havoc City Elite for winning AAU 8th Grade Division I National Championship

2) USJN putting 30 courts in the DC Convention Center

3)  Megan Walker

4) Fairfax Stars 15U winning Nike Nationals

4) Lady Terps shocking the world with the upset over Cy-Fair 

5) Azzi Fud

6) Sacred Heart, George Mason, Syracuse, James Madison, Wilmigton, Old Dominion for personal resons

7) Chloe Chapman

8) BWSL Richmond, Germantown Lady Panthers and Havoc City Elite willing to play anyone

9) Convention Center jerk chiken

10) The Cube and all other services that were streaming games

11) Parking Panda

12) DC Metro Showcase bringin 40 coaches for a last look




1) Coaches that had players ride the bench during the evaluation period

2) High school aged teams playing in non evaluation events in July

3) Teams sending wrong jersey numbers for coaches book

4) Teams ducking competition

5) Players jumping teams mid July

6) Parking situation at the Convention Center

7) Weak cellular signal in Convetion Center

8) Elite level teams playing their age group to win games

9) Coaches grandstanding thinking the summer is about them and not the kids

10) Players trying to do stuff that they can't do well

11) Outrageous entry fees 

12) Trainers hoovering over kids like agents


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Number 11 should top the loser list. DC, Tennessee & Charlotte entry fees could have paid our car note for the month of July.

A deafening roar not heard by many

This summer I watched a deaf girl nicknamed CJ grow in a hearing world of girls basketball. It didn't come easy or quick, but by summertime she was ready to show what talent she has. She had three good tournaments, Hershey, Disneyworld & DC. She grew greatly as a player and person this past year,so did those who watched her perform. She worked & played with the girls of the Frederick Finest Pink team, they won each of their pools in those tournaments. She was a contributor. The Finest Pink also had a girl with sucessful open heart surgery this summer and a girl who separated her shoulder Twice & returned to play in DC. A good year in all ways.