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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM




Powered by Serious Hoops

Howard University, Burr Gymnasium 
Washington, DC


     Saladin Reese and Al Schell of Serious Hoops hosted an exciting weekend of middle school basketball with teams from the DMV area and one from New Jersey.  The 32 team tournament format ran on three courts provided championship games for teams from the 5th to 8th grade.  There were a lot of really good games and some talented up and coming players looking to showcase their skills for Next Sports Phenom who was in the building for both days along with the Real Basketball Report.

The championship game winner in the "Sweet 6 Game" (6th grade division) was Lady Prime Marissa Coleman who withstood a valient come charge from the Maryland Belles.  The "Super 7 Game" (7th grade division) was won by the New Jersey Sparks who went toe to toe with a very talented Team Takeover squad.  The "Fantastic 5 Game" (5th grade division) was won by the Southern Maryland Spartans over the Matrix.  The "Elite 8 Game" (8th grade division) was won by Power Move 44-33 over NoVa 94 Feet.  Some good basketball in each division and some great individual performances.

Rising Stars Challenge Standouts 

Elite 8 & Super 7

Kiki Rice - Germantown Lady Panthers
Solid overall performances throughout.  Kiki had a combination of scoring from long range and getting to the basket and it all worked for her.  

Taniyah Lawson - Lady Prime Marissa Coleman
Physically gifted Taniyah adds the skill to attack in transition and shoot the deep 3.

Alayna Arnolie - NoVa 94 Feet
According to the Real Basketball Report (spoiler review), Alayna was the best player in the building.  Good passer with a tight handle that can knock down the 3 ball.

Angela Nnabue - 1 on None
Angela showed off a little bit, the She Got Game MVP in February has been in the gym and it shows as her handle has improved significantly since then.

Ny'Ceara Pryor - Power Move
Probably the most dominant player over the weekend dispite stinding only 5'1".  Her high and quick release combined with her shifty ball handling allows her to get her shot off whenever she wants.

Sammera Smith - Team Sol
Solid point guard play from Sammera handling under pressure, She is a good shooter off the dribble.

Simone Lewis - Team Takeover
Simone played up a grade and was a reliable finisher that seemed to get stronger each game as others started to fatigue and slow down as the weekend progressed.  

Alyssa Costigan - PV Vouges
Alyssa was affective from various spots on the court running the offense or playing off the ball.

Madison McDaniel - Team Takeover
Madison was terrific handling the ball in traffic, she always kept her head up to find open teammates, she was her team leader on the while floor playing up a year.

Mia Smith - 1 on None
Mia attacked the basket and finished well and was able to knock down set shots when left open.

Destiny Holmes - Power Move
Nice low dribble that she used to split defenders getting to the basket.

Sophia Carlisle - Fairfax Stars
Sophia has the height to step in and contribute immediatley and the body of a college player that she uses well to gain rebounding position.

Jaeda Wilson - Germantown Lady Panthers
Jaeda played up a grade but was the most physical player on the floor.  She was able to finish plays with either hand after contact.

Kennedy Clifton - Team Takeover
Show quickness and athleticism getting to the basket.

Kennedy Rooks - PV Vouges
Kennedi was relentless on her drives where she was able to finish after contact.

Jadyn Donovan - Lady Prime Marissa Coleman
Jadyn attacks and covering a lot of ground she was able to attck from the wing with only one dribble and two steps.

Aryss Mactoon - Maryland Lady Tigers
Aryss is a high level prospect with good elevation on her finishes, she played at a more mature level than 7th grade.

Kyndal Walker - Team Takeover
Kyndal playing up a year was one of the fastest players end to end in the building, her high energy motor made her a terror on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor.

Abby Cooch - NoVa 94 Feet
Unbelievable shooting accuracy, I almost felt as if she should be taking a shot every possession.  At the point she loves to get her teammats in involved, very unselfish.

Sweet 6 & Fantastic 5

Sanai Massenburg - Cap City Ballerz
Sanai is a long athletic wing with a good basketball frame as a 6th grader.

Kourtney Johnson - Lady Prime Marissa Coleman
As a point guard Kourtney is aggressive offensively and has range from the 3.

Savannah Curry - Maryland Belles
Savannah uses her length well to alter and block shots.

Sierra Georges - Maryland Tigers
Sierra's size gave her good presence in the paint on defense.

Celeste Bailey - Boo Williams Red Tide
Celeste showed a decent handle and good mid range shooting.

Aniyah Foster - Cap City Ballerz
Aniyah is a strong that takes her positioning inside.

Aliyah Thomas - Team Sol
Aliyah was good at attacking and drawing fouls, she also showed range to hit the 3 pointer.

Nadeya Regala - Lady Prime Marissa Coleman
Good lefty shooter with a soft outside touch.

Emerson Mustard - NoVa 94 Feet

Madisyn Gaither - Maryland Lady Tigers
Madisyn can get the rebound and start the transition, she attacks with conviction making weaker defenders to have to foul her to stop her.

Ariyana Hairston - Germantown Lady Panthers
I was impressed with how Ariyana played under control, she didn't rush plays and had good size for a guard.

Katie Berglund - Matrix Black
Katie show a good midrange touch.


Tune in tomorrow for a recap from the Real Basketball Report's James Nichols