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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM


Top 10 Middle School Showcase

Top 10 Middle School Showcase


     The Foundation Academy was the host site for the 2nd Annual Top Ten Middle School Showcase.  David Anderson of Foundation Basketball was the lead trainer for the day which hosted close to 20 middle schoolers looking to take their games to the next level.  Dynamic stretching, drill work and games were on the menu as Next Sports Phenom was on hand to view the action.  There was a good mixture of talent and the smaller numbers allowed more reps for players and a lot of head to head opportunities to allow players to really showcase their skills and work on some of the moves that they had learned earlier in the day.  Here are a few of the multiple players who attracted my attention during the day.

Prophet Sheffield - 2022
Prophet was the quickest player in the gym.  She seems to be just as fast with the ball in her hands as she is without it.  She showed an explosive first step that got her past every defender that took the challenge to get in front of her.  She has a nice form on her shot and a quick release.

Sydney Boone - 2021
Sydney was the most effective player of the day.  She controlled the flow of the game from the point and was crafty enough to navigate traffic in the lane for scores against taller defenders.  She's a good finisher with either hand and showed a consistent jump shot throughout the day.

Sydney Boone

Jordan Hodges - 2021
Jordan is a fundamentally sound guard.  She is unselfish and has great vision especially in in the open court.  She made several passes during the day that were well beyond middle school level to include a no look pocket pass in transition through traffic that ended up as the play of the day.  She showed a good touch on her shot along with the ability to get to the basket and score.

Jordan Hodges

Tatyannah Creecy - 2021
Tatyannah would put on a shooting exhibition during the breaks, reeling off multiple deep balls in succession during each session.  She has a really good handle and was able to master many of the advanced drills thrown at her during the sessions.  In games she showed a nose for the ball and the the ability to score from virtually anywhere on the court.

Tatyannah Creecy

Alyssa Chapman - 2021
Alyssa has a great college ready body and size.  She finished well off the backboard during the games and was athletic enough to run the floor with the guards.  She showed the willingness to attack and shoot from the perimeter and looked comfortable doing both.  She used good counter moves around the basket when cut off.

Alyssa Chapman

Trinity Prince - 2021
Trinity has a mature frame and is powerful when driving.  She was able to physically impose her will upon all of the smaller guards.  She created switches and forced mismatches as posts had to defend her.  Against post players she was able to get to the basket at will by beating them off of the dribble. 

Savana Goodson - 2021
Savana is a physical post with a good body.  She sealed well in the low block gaining great position and showing a target with her hands.  She was able to finish plays through heavy contact as she didn't seemed phased at all by the fouling and pushing used to try to stop her.  She showed the ability to attack from the high post and short corners and has the form in place for an effective mid range shot.

Savana Goodson

Akilah Smith - 2021
Akilah played well in transition attacking in the open floor while staying under control.  She was hard to stop once her momentum starts going forward.  She's a big versatile guard that showed the ability to play both inside and on the perimeter.