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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM

Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is NSP?

NSP or Next Sports Phenom is a media website combined with a scouting service that covers the DMV area.

2) How much of the DMV area does NSP cover?

NSP covers the entire states Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

3) What's the difference between media sites and scouting services?

Media sites report information to the public, scouting services provided information to college coaches about prospective athletes.  NSP does both.

4) Does NSP travel to attend games in the entire coverage area?

Yes. Obviously we can't be everywhere but we have trusted contributors in different regions that provide information, details and sometimes video of games.

5) Is NSP NCAA Compliant?


6) What's the difference between regional scouting services and national scouting services? 

Regional services cover a certain geographical region and can see more kids within a region more times than a national service can, national services however will see more kids overall in various events against a wider range of competition than some regional services, many times a national service may only get to view a kid once over their high school career.  NSP is a regional service.

7) I see the intelligenthoodlum or IH's Real Basketball Report on NSP, with different rankings on the message boards.  Is the IH and/or the RBR the same as NSP?

No. The RBR is independently operated by the IH or James Nichols.  NSP respects the IH's opinions and agrees in a some cases however many times NSP and the IH sharply disagree about certain prospects but it all leads to healthy debate.

8) How can I view what's in the scouting services portion of NSP?

The scouting services portion is for coaches corner only and is only available to Women's Basketball College Coaches per the NCAA.

9) I see a kid that is not listed but feel that they should be, what should I do?

Send an email to NSP at nextsportsphenom@gmail.com to state your case.  Providing a game schedule or video with the players information including jersey number will be happy to help her get evaluated.

10) Does NSP only cover girls basketball? 

As of now yes, we have trusted partners for boys basketball and other sports that we provide links to access their sites.

11) How much does NSP cost?

NSP is free and will remain free as long as funding exists.  College coaches can access evaluations via membership registration pricing is shown on registration page.

12) Can I donate or advertise on NSP?

Absolutely, send an email by clicking "contact us" on the site or email nextsportsphenom@gmail.com to discuss details.

13) What does NSP look at when ranking kids?

NSP looks at a variety of things including but not limited to:

1)   Projected potential
2)   Game IQ
3)   Attitude
4)   Height for position
5)   Athletic ability
6)   Skill level
7)   Hustle
8)   Defense
9)   Passing and teamwork
10) Shooting
11) Aggressiveness
12) Coachability
13) Ball Handling
14) Rebounding
15) Vocal willingness
16) Intangibles
17) Conditioning
18) Unselfishness
19) Mobility
20) Work Ethic

14) Why are some kids on a team listed but not all?

Several reasons, every kid is evaluated and is listed in the database, names are added individually, and updated randomly.  It could be that we just haven't gotten to a particular kid yet as evaluations are done first.  However more than likely there were no rosters available for NSP at a particular event.

15) How often are rankings updated?

NSP normally reranks after fall league (November), mid season (January) , after high school season (April), After spring evaluation (May/June) and after summer evaluation (August).  Some names may be adjusted periodically through the year..

16) Why do player rankings fluctuate so much?

Player rankings are done by particular performances over several viewings, not by which player is necessarily the "best" player.  Also players are not "grandfathered in" on NSP.

Example: LeBron James may have a series of average games or decide not to play in several games, Danny Green may have a phenomenal month, Green's rankings may move above James even though James is clearly the better player.

17) So what is the value and accuracy in the rankings?

Rankings are done for entertainment purposes as NSP is also a media site.  Evaluations are the main focus on NSP as a scouting service and weigh more heavily than rankings.  The rankings however are accurate based on the criteria we look for month to month.

18) Why does NSP rank middle school players? 

NSP's rankings are a tool for college coaches to identify players, NSP firmly believes that parents should temper their children not to allow rankings to impact them negatively.

19) How are middle school players evaluated?

Middle school players are evaluated and ranked by comparative analysis on potential, based on previous players skill and level of play at the same age and how far they have progressed.  Seeing, coaching and training players over the years that have played or are playing division I basketball, USA Basketball, WNBA basketball, division II basketball and/or have been a bust, for over 20 years has given NSP and it's contributors a basis on what to look for to project a players potential with a high level of accuracy.  The process however is not 100% as there is not a formula to see a player heart and determination to improve or a players point of quitting.