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always looking for the NEXT SPORTS PHENOM
always looking for the NEXT SPORS PHENOM





     As with all of the classes Next Sports Phenom has ranked and reranked the DMV 2018 class multiple times since its first release with only a couple of changes to the #1 overall player.  NSP rankings periodically change as players are re-evaluated via live viewing and submitted video.  More weight obviously is normally put on the spring/summer seasons than the high school season with a lot of it attributed to lopsided leagues, poor scheduling and coaching not geared to showcase individual players.  Several players were removed from the top 100 and sent to the data base list because of the lack of updated information such as school, club team, contact information etc.  As with all classes there will continue to be updates and contrary to common belief, players typically don't, "move down" but when other players "move up" or are added to the list the natural attrition lowers players numbers.  We only list players on NSP's Top 100 list that we believe has the potential to play at the next level no matter what number they are ranked.  

2018 Breakdown:

Top 5

#1 SHAQUIRA AUSTIN - Austin has been flirting with the top spot for a couple of years now.  Her dominace during the spring and summer EYBL season dictated it, but NSP needed to see some consistency during the high school season.  Solid play at her new home at one of the nations top schools can help her solidify her spot in the 2018 final ranking this winter.

#2 AMIRA COLLINS - Collins has held the top spot in the class for most of her career.  She has been the most consistent player year after year and a solid top player in the class.  NSP considered having  a 1 and 1a for the class, but went apples to apples on the EYBL season statistics and gave a slight edge to Austin.  This high school season will have a huge impact on what happens next.

#3 HONESTY SCOTT-GRAYSON - Honesty's travels in and out of the DMV over the past 4 years has moved her in and out of the rankings as well.  She continues to perform well at each stop and will have a lot riding on her as she will no doubtedly be the "go to" player this high school season.

#4 NIA CLOUDEN - The top point guard in the class has played with 3 different club teams in the past year and has shined with each.  Impressive for a player that's required to come in and be the leader in three different systems.

#5 XARIA WIGGINS - Wiggins has been a NSP top 10 player in the class since the first set of rankings five years ago.  Now at 5, she has been playing some of her best basketball expanding her perimeter game.

New Comers:

#13 CLARA FORD -  Clara has shown major improvement in every area of her game from the spring at the Think Pink Tournament to July's USJN.  She is a sleeper that will be a jackpot winner for the school that paid attention and is lucky enough to sign her. 

Making moves:

#9 JAYLIN CARODINE - Body of work prior to injury paid off.

#12 SYDNEY WOOD - Versatility to maneuver from the point to wing rose her stock.

#25 - TANIA HILL - Improved perimeter shot makes her special.

#26 - HALLIE MCDONALD - Relentless on both ends, will make an impact at the next level.

#32 IMANI MUSTAF - With her added confidence she is starting to reach her full potential.

See the complete list link below.

NSP Class of 2018

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